Detailing constructible link from virtual to the real world!

Trimble-Tekla Award Nominated Project

Mega Column – West Link, Sweden Metro:- The project is a part of the underground metro and tunnel in Sweden.

Beam Profile – Irregular Hexagon shape


The mega column has footing, columns, and a beam. Further, beams had irregular hexagon shapes with reduced size on both sides of the beam span. In addition, the beam has slopes on top. Because of the underground location of the structure, it has heavy reinforcement and a complex rebar arrangement.  

All longitudinal bars are inclined reducing the cross-section of the beam. Along with shorter directions, each bar has a different length due to reducing beam size. Moreover, heavy reinforcement had clash issues in 2D detailing.

Client satifaction from 3D Rebar Model:- 

  • This project had already been completed in 2D drawings, but the rebar drawings were not sufficient to help understand the placement of rebar and their congestion. The customer had mandated 3D Rebar Model for rebar modeling.
  • 3D BIM Model of rebar helped to resolve clash issues and fix the upcoming field issues in the primary stage of modeling. 
  • This project has helped to avoid the congestion of rebar in the field and saved wastage of steel.
  • 3D Rebar Model has unique capabilities that helped the project team to execute rebar modeling for such irregular hexagon profiles of concrete with slopes on all edges of the beam.
  • Irregular bend shape with accurate BBS was generated on Tekla to match with the geometry of concrete
Full 3D view of Project

Detailing constructible link from virtual to the real world!

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