Project Management

Project Management

What is Project-Management?

Welcome to Strand Consulting Corporation your gateway to harnessing the incredible capabilities of Tekla BIM software. In an era where construction demands precision, collaboration, and efficiency, Tekla BIM stands as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing the way projects are conceptualized, designed, and built.
Project management services specialize in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints. They perform some or all of the activities related to project work, from conceptualization to completion. Emphasis is placed on creating and maintaining project milestones and the project schedule. The end goal is to complete the project on time and within budget.

Project management services help organizations achieve project goals and objectives within scope, time, and budgetary constraints. They can also help optimize the allocation of resources and integrate the inputs that will drive the completion of the project’s objectives. The development of a project plan is critical, as this document defines and confirms broader goals and specific objectives. The project plan also identifies tasks, describes how goals will be achieved, and quantifies the resources that are needed.

Project managers can help define the overall project budget and specific timelines for task completion. While managing the plan, project management services must operate within a recognized framework that ensures accurate and objective reporting. If a milestone is missed, then project planners and managers must take corrective action.

Some criteria to consider when selecting project management services include: • The type of project and deadline are vital to kicking off the project management process. • The organization’s industry or the product can help determine the best project management methodology. • The ability of the project manager is an important consideration since he or she drives project management process.

What is Tekla BIM?

Tekla BIM is a comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. solution that empowers architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to work collaboratively on a shared digital platform. It brings together the disciplines of design, analysis, detailing, and project management, creating a unified ecosystem that enhances decision-making and project outcomes.

Our Project Management Service Includes

1. Study project and raised RFI for conflict in contract drawings.

2. Keep track of contract drawings with latest sketches, Addendum, Bulletin as per architecture and structure engineer.

3. Shared all updated data of project to vendors.

4. Initiate to start submission of drawings to review for Engineer and architecture.

5. Send back commented drawings to vendor.

6. Follow up for drawings submittal and maintain log for same.

7. Send approved drawings on Field for construction process.

8. Collect bar list/material list from vendor and send to appropriate discipline for fabrication or production.

9. Arrange meeting between all discipline along with Engineer and architecture.

Advantages of Project Management

Integrated Collaboration

Tekla BIM fosters seamless collaboration among project teams by enabling real-time information exchange. Architects, engineers, fabricators, and contractors can collectively contribute to a project’s success from concept to construction.

Precise Design and Modeling

With Tekla BIM, precision is paramount. Create intricate 3D models with accuracy, enabling clash detection, structural analysis, and visualization of complex systems. Avoid costly on-site discrepancies through virtual simulations.

Efficient Workflows

Tekla BIM optimizes workflows, eliminating silos and enhancing coordination. Changes made to the model are automatically reflected across the project, ensuring everyone is on the same page and reducing the risk of errors.

Enhanced Visualization

Visualize your project like never before. Tekla BIM’s detailed 3D models allow stakeholders to see and understand every aspect of the design, enhancing communication and reducing misunderstandings.

Data-Rich Environment

Tekla BIM is more than just visuals. It’s a data-rich environment that houses crucial project information. Generate accurate material take-offs, bills of quantities, and construction schedules for informed decision-making.

Structural Detailing and Fabrication

Tekla BIM excels in structural detailing and fabrication. It allows for precise detailing of steel, concrete, and other materials, streamlining the transition from design to construction.

Why Choose Us?


Our team comprises Tekla experts who understand the software’s intricacies, ensuring that your projects are executed flawlessly.

Tailored Solutions

We adapt Tekla BIM to your project’s specific needs, delivering solutions that align with your vision and goals.


Our commitment to staying updated with the latest Tekla advancements guarantees that you benefit from cutting-edge technology.

Seamless Integration

We seamlessly integrate Tekla BIM into your workflow, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.


Count on us for consistent, high-quality results that meet your expectations and contribute to project success.
Elevate your projects with the transformative power of Tekla BIM. Contact STRAND today and explore how we can be your partner in embracing. technology to reshape the construction landscape.

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