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BIM Modelling – TEKLA

Strand’s team of experienced rebar detailers utilize modern 3D technology solutions to design, model and detail reinforced concrete structures. We provide structural rebar modeling and detailing services for the structural rebar connections and reinforcements at LOD 400 as per company and industry standards. Our 3D rebar model provides accurate shop drawings for easy rebar installation at the site.

Major benefits realized from the application of sophisticated 3D modeling tools include early detection of interferences, greater efficiency in change management, precise take-offs, material management, reduction of errors, and clearer interpretation of design drawings. Strong proponent of BIM and a multidisciplinary workflow, Strand is keen to incorporate other stakeholders in a BIM workflow. In doing so, Strand’s technology-centric approach simplifies details, increases productivity and facilitates integration between design, detailing and construction teams.

Welcome to Strand Consulting Corporation your gateway to harnessing the incredible capabilities of Tekla BIM software. In an era where construction demands precision, collaboration, and efficiency, Tekla BIM stands as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing the way projects are conceptualized, designed, and built.

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Detailing constructible link from virtual to the real world!

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